Providing football and cheerleading for children between the ages of 7-14 throughout mid connecticut.

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The CTYFL is simply a group of medium/small sized Towns that, due to population constraints, cannot form in-town leagues for their kids.  By forming the CTYFL we allow our children to participate in the great sports of football and cheerleading.  We encourage all Towns in the CTYFL to figure out a way to take all the children that want to play and discourage the turning away or cutting of players. 


The CTYFL is not affiliated with any National football or cheerleading organization.  We have long thought that we can serve the children of CT best by tailoring our rules based on the children we have here.  Many National organizations tailor their rules to fit all he children throughout the nation in order to have National Championships.  While National Competitions are ok, it simply requires that all participating Towns play under the same National Rules in order that a few Towns can fairly compete for titles. 


The CTYFL strictly controls Town boundaries from which an organization can draw participants.  By regulating these "draw areas" the CTYFL has found that we have fostered the growth of strong programs with a great percentage of children participating.   Coaches can not start pulling in children from other Towns to stack a team or form a "travel team" at the expense of the children in the Town they serve.


Each Town in the CTYFL is run independently and has it's own board and bylaws, so issues at the Town level are handled by them. 


CTYFL football and cheerleading rules are based on the NFHS rule book with a few variations in order to fit our age groups. 




History of the Connecticut Youth Football League


Founded in 1972 as the Skeneski League. The CTYFL began to facilitate the coordination of allowing town youth football programs to be able to play outside their in-town programs.  Through the years the name was changed to the Eastern CT Football Conference ECFC and in 2006 the name was changed to the Connecticut Youth Football League CTYFL as the organization grew.