Providing football and cheerleading for children between the ages of 7-14 throughout mid connecticut.

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  1.  Pre-workout stretching
    • Warm up with light cardiovascular activity 3-5 min.
    • Stretch all major muscle groups (quads, hamstrings, calves, back, wrists, neck, arms, shoulders, abs
      • ​​Hold each stretch for 30 seconds
      • Total stretch time should be about 15 minutes
    • DO NOT bounce while stretching


Jump Streches and Drill

  1. Jumps (Spread Eagle, Right side hurdler, Left side hurdler, right front hurdler, left front hurdler, Toe Touch, Pike) – do each jump one utilizing eight counts.  
    • Stretches (Straddle position on the floor, hydrant drill-15 each side, frog jumps-2 sets of 15, lunges)
    • Do each stretch for at least ten seconds on each side.  Do all drills and stretches deliberately and with perfect execution.


Cardiovascular Conditioning

  1. Frequency- MM-1-2x per wk, C-2-3x per wk, B and A-3-4x per wk  
  2. Intensity – moderate to high  
  3. Time-MM-15 min, C-20min, B and A 25 min per session 
    • ​​(Examples, Running, power walking, aerobics, rollerblading, biking, jump rope…) 
    • Objective to build up endurance for game and competition prep.


Strength Training

  1.  Frequency-MM 2x per week, C 3x per week, B and A 4x per wk – Total body strength training working all major muscle groups. 
  2. Use proper techniques and progressions 
    • Upper Body - (Shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps) 
      • Pushups – Man style pushups, legs extended and on toes.  Arms shoulder width apart as well as arms farther apart than width of shoulders.  MM-2 sets of 5, C 2 sets of 7 and B and A 2 sets of 10.  Should increase number of sets by 1 set every other week. 
      • Tricep Dips – Sit on the ground with arms behind your finger tips facing butt and legs pulled in and knees facing ceiling.  Lift butt and off ground and dip bending elbows.  Same sets as pushups. 
      • Wrists - hold canned food in each hand and lift wrist in an up and down motion.  MM should us tomato paste cans while other teams use cans of soup.  Same sets as above. 
      • Arm and Shoulders – Start with your arms extended straight out in the T motion.  Rotate your arms in a circular motion forward.  Do this for about 10 seconds.  Rotate your arms in a small circular motion backward.  Do this for about 10 seconds.  Repeat this same motion, forward and backward, for 10 seconds each doing large circular motions.  Next exercise, start in a T position and raise your arms up over your head till palms meet.  Lower to a T position and then bring your arms together in front of you extended letting your palms meet again.  Repeat for sets of 10 without dropping arms and keeping shoulders relaxed and elbows/wrists tight. 
    • Lower Body (quads, hamstrings, calves, lower back) 
      • Squats – Squat with feet facing forward keeping hamstrings parallel to the floor and back straight.  Complete 2 sets of eight.  Then, do two more sets of eight in the plied position working the inner thigh. 
    • Lunges – Begin standing with feet together.  Step out and bend to the floor with right foot in front of you.  Left knee should stay 1 – 1 ½ inches from the floor, right knee should not extend past your ankle.  Stand up and bring the right foot back to the starting position and step out and bend to the floor with the left foot.  2 sets of eight is a good start for all ages.  
    • Calf Raises – Stand flat footed and go up on your toes, both legs together.  2 sets of 8 reps are appropriate for all ages and you should increase by 1 set every other week.  Repeat this exercise with toes turned out and toes turned in to develop a well rounded calf.   
    • Leg Raises – Set up on the floor in a dog position (on all 4’s).  Extend one leg straight out and raise 2 – 4 inches without ever lowering leg to ground.  2 sets of 8 reps are fine for all ages with an increase of 1 set every other week.   
    • Lower back – Lie on the floor on your stomach with legs extended.  Clasp your hands behind your neck.  Lift upper body up and lower body up.  Body should be arched close to a “C” position.  2 sets of 8 are appropriate for all ages with an increase of one set every other week.   
    • Abdominal Exercises 
      • V-ups – Lie on the floor on your back with legs extended straight out and your arms extended straight out above your head.  Pull upper body up meeting lower body, legs should extend out to the side and you should reach in between your legs your instep.  This should look like a toe touch in the air.  Two sets of eight will be a great start. 
      • Crunch – Lie on the floor with legs bent, knees facing the ceiling.  Hands should be behind you head extend up halfway while looking at ceiling.  Bring yourself down while not touching shoulders to the floor.  Two sets of ten is a great start with an increase every couple of weeks. 
      • Plank hold – Get in the position similar to a push up with upper body resting on forearms.  Hold this position for 15 seconds-MM, 20 seconds C, 25 seconds B and 30 seconds A team.  Start with 2 sets and increase time every other week.







Keep the abilities of your individual cheerleaders and team

in mind, and adjust the repetitions, sets or exercises accordingly.